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Cycling is our passion and our way of life. 

We would like to share our love of cycling with other riders of all abilities from beginners to serious cyclists.

We are locals from Caprino Veronese and Garda, small towns in Lake Garda area, and have extensive experience of riding in Northern Italy. The surrounding area has a wealth of charms waiting to be explored by all levels of cyclist.  We never tire of the beautiful landscape and even after so many years of cycling they still provide us with an immense sense of satisfaction on each ride.

We are excited to accompany on your exploration of this wonderful country, whether you would like to test your cycling ability or just simply enjoy what Northern Italy has to offer. Either way we can promise you that you will have fun!

Our routes (this page is dedicated to road cycling) will be tailored to your needs, taking place in the areas that we describe here. All you need to do is choose your level of difficulty! 



With a maximum altitude range of 600m and a distance of no more than 80km these beginner routes have no testing slopes to climb and are a good introduction for the road cycling novice or for those just wanting to enjoy the scenery.


These routes are fantastic for the enthusiastic amateur cyclist or those who are willing to test their fitness. Generally the altitude range will be between 600 – 1500m with an overall ride distance of 80 – 120km.


Heading into the mountains of Northern Italy these routes are more challenging, (but the breathtaking panorama at the top is worth it!), testing the fitness and ability of our cyclists. The altitude range will vary from 1500 to 2500m and will usually cover from 120 – 160km.                                                


Lago di Garda, eastern side

The eastern side of Lake Garda is dominated by Monte Baldo. It has always welcomed a large number of cyclists, from beginners to professional teams. Here the climbs cater for all levels of ability; they can be very long, very short, have gentle hills, but can also be arduous (and occasionally extreme, for example, the famous Punta Veleno climb). The lake, the backdrop for these excursions, never fails to impress.


Lago di Garda, western side

On its western coast and inland, Lake Garda presents itself in an elegant guise, full of olive and lemon groves. Here the climbs are varied, mostly not too steep, through a very scenic landscape. Where possible, roads are off the beaten track, climbing into scarcely populated areas, with minimal traffic. During this excursion, a beautiful pearl not to be missed is the Strada della Forra.
Our ride will begin with a short ferry trip across the lake from Torri del Benaco to Toscolano Maderno.




The home of the famous Recioto and Amarone wines welcomes you with its soft vineyard covered landscape with views to the south dominated by Verona, the Pianura Padana and the Valpolicella wineries. The hills will lead us briefly to the Lessini plateau. The climbs vary in all levels of difficulty, from the short but grim, to the long, regular climb. This is definitely an excursion not to be missed!!

Monte Baldo                                                                                            

Monte Baldo is a great challenge for the enthusiastic cyclist. The length of the climbs, and the long gruelling stretches, with gradients often in the double digits, will punish the legs. But we are rewarded by the outstanding mountain landscape from the Valley of the Adige river to Lake Garda, and be immersed in nature. On this excursion we will be climbing over 1.600 meters of altitude.