Scuba diving by Roberto Pradella.

 Let me introduce myself: my name is Roberto Pradella, I live and work in Verona, I am 51 years old and I started diving when I was in my twenties. I got my first certification in 2002.
 Fascinated by this sport, I then became a professional in 2005 with the best known and widespread diving agency in the world, namely the American PADI; in 2010 came the certification of diving instructor and from there, the professional path went in increments in step with great satisfaction and excellent feedback from the teaching activity.
I am in possession of the teaching certifications for both recreational and technical diving.


 This underwater test use the self-contained breathing apparatus and is articulated with a theoretical lesson on the functioning of the same, and with an introduction of human physiology during the dive. After that we'll prepare and verify the equipment and its proper functioning.
 After this activity, which can last about thirty minutes, we'll proceed to the detailed briefing on how the underwater test will take place, with all the necessary rules and indications; then you will put on the equipment and go down to the water, where a further check on the correct functioning of all the equipment will be performed. At that point we will be ready to dive.
 The dive can last 30 or 40 minutes, it will depend on the client's breathing cycle, we will be underwater at a maximum depth of 8 meters. Once you'll get back up, there will be the reverse procedure, that is the undressing and briefing on the adventure just passed.
 You'll can admire many lake fish such as Persico, Persico reale, the Pike, and if you will be lucky, there will be also some Tenches or prawns of sweet water. It's the ideal experience for beginners!


I wait for you!

Price is euro 140,00 for person.

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