Sportlifetravel and Cà Bottura winery - Bardolino.


 An excellent wine is the long-awaited result of a project... a project that starts with the land, the vineyards, the passion for wine and, above all, patience.



 You will find Azienda Agricola Cà Bottura surrounded by vineyards and olive groves when you go up the road that leads from Bardolino to Albarè di Costermano, just a few metres from the suggestive Eremo San Giorgio, in the heart of the classic Bardolino wine area. The viticulturist Maurizio Andreoli inherited his passion for vineyards from his father Romano, and today Maurizio, together with his son Andrea, work in this sector with devotion, diligence and constancy, fully respecting the land that surrounds the company and improving the typicality of its products. The years of experience matured by Maurizio, together with Andrea’s decision, when he was still young, to make the farm an integral part of his life, pushed them to undertake an ambitious project. In 2016, they began converting the farm into a biological farm, modifying and perfecting the techniques used on the vines and, as a result, the quality of the Bardolino wine in the winery. Maurizio and Andrea look after the vineyards above all, and follow all the vinification processes up to the various bottling phases. Fabiola, Maurizio’s wife, enthusiastically dedicates herself to welcoming guests who come to taste their wine. Cà Bottura does not only produce wine: the generous land and the particular microclimate of Lake Garda make it possible to grow olive trees, the fruits of which are used to make olive oil. In addition, the Bardolino Classico and Bardolino Superiore marc are used to make special grappas that delight even the most particular palates.





 The vineyards that belong to Cà Bottura are positioned in the hills of Bardolino, Costermano and Garda, in the heart of the classic production area of this wine. Today the grapes are still picked by hand, at the end of October, to obtain quality products that fully respect tradition. The gentle hills of Bardolino and Lake Garda were formed after glaciers melted, and today this scenery hosts an extended stretch of vineyards that produce the famous Bardolino DOC wine. Bardolino wine is made in the south-western area of Lake Garda, where the rich gravelly soil gives good drainage. The characteristics of this hilly area that faces Lake Garda, its ideal microclimate, its varieties and meticulous processing give Bardolino wine its fresh flavour and delicate bouquet. The Bardolino wine produced is made from Corvina and Rondinella, local grape varieties that accompany the typical grapes used to make Bardolino Classico DOC, Bardolino Superiore Classico DOCG, Bardolino Chiaretto Classico DOC (rosé) and Bardolino Chiaretto Spumante (rosé).